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avalon pockets delivery
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Avalon Pockets delivery option allows you to order food online and we’ll get it to your doorstep in 30 minutes – an hour.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started back in early 2020 the whole world went into quarantine and lockdown forcing small and medium-sized businesses to close until further notice from the government. Fortunately, the World Wide Web provided the means for people to order things online – even their food. We also have the Avalon Pockets delivery option on this website, all you have to do is go to our homepage, click on the “order online” tab and pick out the food you want to buy.

Avalon Pockets Delivery is the Best for the Pandemic

While it’s true that our movements currently are limited and we can only do a few things to mitigate it, there is one thing that you can do conveniently at home – order food online. You can order anything from our menu and it will be delivered to your home still warm and tasty just like how you’ve enjoyed it eating at our restaurant in Avalon Park Orlando, Florida. Making online orders keeps you safe from the coronavirus as you avoid any physical contact even with the delivery staff. It’s also convenient and easy to do plus you’ll have access to the complete list of food items from our menu.

Benefits of Ordering Food Online

1. It’s Very Convenient 

According to research, about 69% of Americans order their meals online via their mobile devices, tablets and smart phones. The rationale behind it is because it’s easy to do and you just can’t argue with the convenience that it brings. You can order food anytime anywhere whether you’re stuck in traffic, working in office or at home, or in any other place your food will be delivered to you in time.

2. There are no Misunderstandings, Frustrations and Confusions

A prevailing issue that still plagues some restaurants is phoning in your orders, because it can cause misunderstandings and confusions in the middle of the conversation. Noise from people working in the restaurant or background noise is usually the culprit and it only takes one misunderstood word to get the customer confused and worse, cause them to cancel their order. However, this does not happen with online orders like with Avalon Pockets delivery, because the ability to choose from the menu is given to the customer 100% without any interference from third party customer service agents.

3. Online Food Ordering is Opened 24/7 

While the physical restaurant or fast food store may close after a certain hour of the day, their online ordering system remains open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This allows you to order food and drink any time of the day hassle-free.

4. An Online Menu is Much Simpler to Manage 

Having an online menu on your site is not only convenient but also easy to setup and very cheap to maintain. Since everything is digital, then there’s no need to print anything saving you money, while allowing to get creative with the menu page and put high resolution images, videos and other media to attract customers. It also gives you the flexibility to change the items on the menu on the fly.

5. Customers can Save Money 

The best thing about ordering food online is that you get to have discounts for making bulk orders. Sometimes the restaurant offers discount coupons or setup games on their Facebook/Twitter/Instagram page and if you participate and win, then you also get discounts and freebees. Customers will inevitably save money over time if they continue ordering food online. Ordering online with Avalon Pockets delivery also helps you save money in the longterm.

6. Variety of Options 

By doing a simple Google search, you can find a lot of restaurants, cuisines, dishes, add-ons etc. and choose food to order.

7. An Improved Customer Experience

Online ordering still falls under web development and one of the main issues that web-dev deals with is user experience. This one tiny yet very crucial detail in how customers experience the entire process of ordering food from your restaurant will determine their likelihood to complete their order. It all comes down to how long the customer will have to wait before they’ll get what they’ve ordered and the shorter the time you can make of that, then the happier the customer will be and  the more likely it is that they’ll become repeat customers.

8. Streamlined Restaurant Operations

The whole process of online ordering gives your restaurant the advantage to get your kitchen systems organized and streamlined. The fact that the customers will now be able to have 80% of the controls in ordering food means that your staff won’t have to spend any more time talking to them over the phone. Therefore, more time is allocated for cooking the food, packaging it, and delivering it, which also makes everything efficient.

9. More Time to Browse the Menu

People nowadays are extremely health-conscious than in the past decades and as such, they tend to check what they’re eating. They’ll check every detail, nutrition facts and other important things about what you offer in your menu. Do check our menu and find a lot of interesting foods there that are not only delicious but are also packed with excellent nutrients courtesy of the Mediterranean diet. Once you’re done ordering, Avalon Pockets delivery will handle the rest and you’ll have your food within the hour.

10. Increased Transaction Amounts

I order food online too and I know many people do what I do – order more just for the fun of it. Before you know it customers will not only want to order the main meals your restaurant is offering but side dishes, condiments, drinks and appetizers. And you know what that means? More sales profits for your business! All thanks to simplifying things by establishing an online ordering system.

11. More Customer Control over Orders

We’ve already discussed this in point number 2 in this article and like what I’ve stated above it only takes just one misunderstanding to get the customer’s orders wrong. When you give them the option to choose the dishes they want to order, you essentially give them control over their orders which is exactly what they want. This results in zero rushed orders littered with errors which can give your business a bad reputation.

12. Easier to Place Large Orders

The problem with placing large orders over the phone is that there is a good chance that a miscommunication will happen that will result in the customer cancelling the order. When customers browse the restaurant’s menu on their website this kind of error essentially becomes non-existent, because it’s so simple to place even large orders with almost zero room for error. The only thing that will fill your thoughts will be how soon can Avalon Pockets delivery bring your food and how you will enjoy it.

13. Being on Top of Current Trends

Offering online ordering to your customers helps you stay competitive and keep abreast with your competitors. We here at Avalon Pockets have done that since our website has gone live back in 2013 and we can say that we’re competing modestly. Our customers have told us that they’re very satisfied with our Avalon Pockets delivery service and particularly highlighting the convenience about it.

14. Fewer Abandoned Orders

Among the drawbacks of letting your customers order food from your restaurant via the phone is that sometimes they don’t show up to pick up the food, or have your delivery truck bring it to a completely different address. But with online ordering this scenario cannot happen as the customer won’t be able to complete the order until they’ll pay for the food. The payment is also done automatically via a credit or debit card, or even via digital payment platforms such as PayPal, Skrill and Google Pay.

Satisfaction is Guaranteed with Avalon Pockets Delivery Service

One thing we pride about our restaurant is that we offer the best, healthiest and most delicious foods on the planet! Quite frankly, even most experts agree that the Mediterranean diet is a must for everyone if they want to live a long and healthy life. The next best thing about our restaurant is the Avalon Pockets delivery service, which has impressed a lot of our customers over the years. Good food plus good health equals a happy and healthy lifestyle!

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