Awards and Accolades

Winner of The 2019 Orlando Family Magazine Award for Best Mediterranean Dish

Avalon Pockets restaurant has been in operation in Orlando, Florida since 2013. We are a family-owned and operated restaurant in a beautiful downtown Avalon Park. Our family originated from Lebanon and we’ve just migrated to the United States a few years prior to starting Avalon Pockets. We specifically picked Florida to setup shop due to its proximity to the ocean, which has similarities with our place in Lebanon. Being near the Mediterranean Sea it is in our culture to adopt the Mediterranean diet and it just so happened that we bring our culture with us wherever we go.

We are aware that the Mediterranean diet has already been introduced to America since the 1950s; however, we didn’t know how Floridans and, generally Americans, would accept the Mediterranean cuisine. Thank our lucky stars we were astounded to discover that we’ve had lots and lots of customers who patronize our dishes! After 6 years of successful restaurant operation and building up a modest fan base, Avalon Pockets was finally awarded The Best Mediterranean Dish – The Gyro Platter in 2019 by the Orlando Family Magazine and we are so proud of this achievement.

Try our fresh, healthy, all homemade food. We have Greek and Mediterranean with international flare, Middle Eastern, Vegan and Vegetarian meals on our menu. We offer Gyro, Falafel, and Vegan. Try our very own homemade HUMMUS with avocados, Sundried tomato, and many more! Avalon Pockets have the typical Mediterranean restaurant indoor and outdoor seating, because we love being in the sun just like in Lebanon and most parts of the outlying countries near the Mediterranean Sea. We also offer take out, catering, delivery and kids menu.